Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Christ in us

Paul proclaims that the word of Christ should richly dwell within us.  John 1 says that the Word is God.  So God, Christ as deity Himself, is to "richly dwell within us."  It's not enough to be conformed to the image of Christ.  We must exhibit Christ himself.  In Colossians 3, Paul declares that Christ is all and in all, referring to believers, or the elect.

Through the Holy Spirit's regeneration, it is Christ Himself who is being brought to the forefront of our lives in that Jesus increases while we decrease (John 3:30).  How many times have we looked up to older, wiser, and more godly role models and have said, "I want to be like him or her."?  The truly godly, those who live a penitent life according to the transformation enabled by God's grace, will exhibit Christ.  As He imputes His righteousness to us, it is Jesus who we ultimately want to be like.

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