Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A long time coming

It's been more than three years since my last entry in my old politics and faith blog, and since then my worldview has evolved dramatically.  I don't treat politics as my spiritual battleground anymore, nor do I ascribe to any particular partisan ideology.  One thing that hasn't changed is my faith... though that, too, is questionable as I contemplate how my spiritual life has progressed over this time.

College has not been kind to me.  For the entirety of my tenure in university, I suffered an obsessive-compulsive academic complex that was by its nature, intrinsically focused on advancing my professional agenda.  Yes, agenda.  I say "agenda" because that's what it has been; a doctrinal subscription to normative worldly values.  All this has come at great expense to my walk and other areas in my life, which have suffered miserably.

Through it all, I've learned the value of keeping near to God.  It's unbelievable how one discovers he or she is proven wrong as life goes on.  A few years, I conceded that skipping out on my studies in Chinese school was detriment to my capacity as a bilingual speaker.  Now, I realize that not reading my Bible all these years has left me theologically stupid.

It's a challenge, but one I'm willing to overcome.  I'm reigniting blogging in this area of my life as a challenge to myself, not just for scrutiny and exegesis of the faith, but to document (in a sense) my walk as I move out of college.  As a youth ministry coordinator at church, I cannot afford to do anything less than to reach for the status of Christlikeness.

Above all, I can only look to God, who is my Shepherd.  Everything I do, the whole purpose of this, is for His glory.  As I challenge myself now, I must ascribe to His ways and let my identity be transformed by the Spirit into a disciple and bondslave of Christ.  I can only hope that these words will serve as a reminder that this is the call that awaits me, and all of us under Christ.

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